The Spiritual Crisis of Our Times

Ramona Bazgan
6 min readSep 15, 2020

One after another they walk into the cafe, faces covered by masks, their appearance reminiscent of a docile but eager animal competing for a prize from its master. Searching for a human expression, I’m left puzzled only to look into their bewildered eyes, filled with naïveté and ignorance yet glistening with the certainty of virtue. This virtue swells in them, despite arising from the lack of understanding for the true consequences of their actions; this culmination stemming from the acquisition of false information propagated by the media machine and a misguided sense of duty to the collective. This subtle infiltration being the long game with the subversion of the human spirit, is allowing one of the darkest agendas to quietly take over and transform what we once took for granted as our regular human existence.

They see it not; for it is a reality few can see. The edges of their world eroding day by day. They feel not the constriction on their psyches as this parasite of “new normal” grows ever more substantial. When speaking to them, they all believe it is only a matter of time before the world goes back to normal, if only we all obey the dictates of the “authorities”. History has left no mark on them and they do not realize that the beginning of giving up your freedom is also the end.

I marvel how easily manipulated they are and morally confused; to obey commands without further consideration, never questioning one’s actions beyond the spoon-fed media indoctrination and blatant authoritarian agenda. They bow down to their “experts”; unquestioning adoration and implicit trust pledged to the plasticated human caricatures paraded on the daily televised circus the masses call the news. They voraciously consume their dished out rations of fear and indoctrination with insatiable appetites. With hearts racing, breath abated, eyes glistening as their blood surges with waves of adrenaline and cortisol they notice not their own dependance and addiction to a corrupt system of control. They look for assurance and solutions from authorities they have been conditioned to follow blindly, equating them with parental figures who inevitably must be working in their best interest. Despite the overwheming evidence to the contrary, this magical thinking persists in the grand majority of society.

Who are these society approved heroes the masses seek to follow and applaud?

Are they not part of the outdated hierarchical structure having created and influencing all flawed systems of our reality? The same ones who create hundreds of new laws to make our lives unbearable through inhuman bureaucracy allowing profit driven corporations to poison our air, our food, our water and our world. The same ones who steal our wages through enforced taxation under the threat of psychological and physical coercion. They oppress and manipulate society in myriad ways and have created a world that does nothing but disempower the human being always acting against its nature and never in support of it. These same authorities are now claiming to care about our health; flaunting flawed science and manufactured panic, they aim to justify the tyrannical dehumanizing new way of life unleashed upon the world. The same ones exalting a medical system that is closer to religion than science, based on belief and not true evidence contrary to popular opinion. A medical establishment that uses poison to treat illness it does not understand, pretending the suppression of the body’s natural response is advanced medicine and superior treatment.

Yet millions live their lives in a slumber never noticing they are but rats in a maze born into slavery under the guise of freedom. They live each day under the hypnotic suggestion of their masters and puppeteers ready to defend these oppressors if one dares to question the official narrative. They will aggressively defend their masters, to subconsciously deflect from the inner pain that must be felt should they see through the flimsy veil of their fabricated reality.

So one by one these lost souls have come into tacit agreement to play by the rules, no matter how absurd, harmful or irrational so long as they can keep their lie. So long as they can pretend the people they have endowed with absolute power over their lives, are not really operating from a debased consciousness; one that puts control, power and money above all including the sanctity of the human life and spirit. In this way they never have to step up and take responsibility for their actions or begin to reclaim the lost pieces of their soul. Devoid of inner wisdom and armed with corrupt science, they choose to put on masks, failing to understand the inherent symbolism in this gesture. This final gesture of compliance has turned them into broken down trained animals.

There is nothing left here of the noble human spirit. There is nothing they will not accept from here on. There is nothing they will not believe or act on if it is decreed to them in the same spirit of safety over freedom and the greater good of the collective over one’s sovereign choice. They have forgotten of the miraculous wisdom of the physical vessel they were born into, one that is connected to the whole of creation, a perfect self healing system. They do not remember they are a part of nature, they are nature and beyond. They do not see the harm they generate for themselves by believing they are walking vectors of disease; a belief that is now causing widespread division, distrust and fear of each other simply by being in a human body. There is no self awareness of the epigenetic message this pathological thinking is sending to their body. As this internalized message of division and fear grows stronger, the very real threat of serious illness looms large over their future.

There is no coming back from this for the majority who have condemned themselves to this hellish new existence. Sadly, many among us have lost the greatest spiritual challenge of this realm. The majority have willingly severed ties to their own hearts. The heart is our spiritual organ of truth and connection to each other; the space of unconditional love and acceptance for all and the natural flow of life. When we gather in community to tell stories, dance, laugh, hug each other, our hearts open and blossom raising the frequency of our energy systems creating harmony on all the levels of the self; mind, body, spirit.

Acquiescing to the newly enforced regulations has condemned us all to the devastation of our natural way of being.

Yet the ones who are awake and remain firmly rooted in the core of their being are not giving up. The ones who walk around unafraid, minds clear and hearts full are the equalizers of this time. We remain unswayed by the turbulent tides of this “new normal” insanity. We need not wear masks to protect ourselves from made up invisible enemies because we have dared to look within and to know ourselves. We faced our illusory monsters with loving acceptance until they were seen as harmless shadows and dissolved back into our wholeness. We seek no enemy outside, because we are not afraid to be present with what is within. We are needed to stand up and bravely radiate our light into the world to all who need it.

We must not be afraid to stand in our truth and stand apart from the crowd.

This life is but a flash but one’s spirit is forever. So it is up to you now, choose wisely for time shall bear the fruits of one’s choices. We are here to remember our true nature and seek to become the light within. This current time is one of humanity’s greatest spiritual crossroads; let’s not fail to recognize the opportunity we have been given and let ourselves accept unconditionally what has been presented before us; without fear, attachment or clinging to what once enslaved us.

The time has come infinite ones to declare your intent clearly and to allow your thoughts, words and actions to align with the heart’s pure wisdom. Tyranny will never quiet the voice of spirit but only strengthen it.



Ramona Bazgan

illuminating truth in a world of deception